Norway Sovereign Fund Movement Signals Caution


For decades, the surplus from Norway’s oil markets that created the world’s biggest fund of $890bn has had about a small amount of millions taken out. According to the Norwegian Government, the withdrawals are small compared to the fund’s actual size. The fund had grown to become one of the world’s largest investors. However, it […]

The UK Does Intend To Follow The Norwegian Model

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Norway has enjoyed much from its independence from the European Union. However, debate remains whether the UK could replicate a Norway model or would remain as it is. Norway is currently outside the European Union but arguably also “half” inside. Renegotiating its relationship with the bloc, Norway is a member of the European Free Trade […]

Oslo Is The Art Capital Of Europe

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According to tourists and visitors of Norway, Oslo is the art capital of Europe. While one might not take their word from a local, as anyone can be proud of their own national produce, artists such as Edvard Munch came from Ekeberg Oslo. Edvard was the one who made “The Scream” painting that had become […]

Oslo’s Ways To Deal With Its Damaged Structures

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It was in 2011 when a political extremist had detonated a car bomb in front of Norway’s Prime Minister’s Office. The man had then began a shooting spree at a youth camp twenty-five miles outside of town. While arrested, the scars and the lost life of young individuals had prompted massive sympathy from the world […]

Norway Should Give Finland A Mountain On Its Birthday. What?

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The headline might sound hilarious, but Finnish and Norwegians are signing an online campaign encouraging the Norwegian Government to consider giving Finland a mountain for its birthday. For what reason? Many are saying Finland is quite a loser when it comes to the mountains of Scandinavia. Finland’s Halti is a mountain that is only a […]

Norway’s Relationship With EU Is ‘Muted’


Former Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide talks about how Norway coped with the high EU budget and adhering to all product and service standard checks to clarify the Norwegian model some UK supporters of non-EU membership stress. The official Norwegian relationship with the EU starts with Norway’s  membership of the European Free Trade until […]

Remembering Norway Shootings From Recent US Television Homicide


Breakfast news did not go so well for many Americans this Wednesday morning. People who expected to see a reporter and a cameraman interview an official about supporting local tourism saw a homicide in progress. Two US journalists were killed in a traumatising manner that anyone could only imagine happening in movies. Those who were […]

Norwegian Real Estate Isn’t So Perfect According to Norwegian Consumer Council

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Norway’s perfect international façade is all what it is. Perfect residential infrastructures cost quite high with very high demands. Unfortunately, with its poor employment rate, debt levels are soaring. Despite it all, Norway’s high housing prices still leave buyers facing serious problems with their real estate properties. According to consumer advocates: “We are extremely critical […]

Norway Makes Its Bigest Real Estate Investment Yet!

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Teaming up with US-based Prologis Inc. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund will buy warehouse properties in 17 US states for over $5.9 billion. The Norwegian Sovereign fund, which has about $890 billion, covers about $2.3 billion of the purchase. Prologis is 45% owned by the sovereign fund despite being a US logistics venture. According to Sovereign […]

Oslo in Summer [Video]

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When someone says Oslo, the first thing that comes to mind is snow. However, Oslo isn’t just beautiful during the snowy season with all the fjords and coldly-beautiful landscapes you won’t see anywhere. Oslo is also something else during summer, as shown in this video!